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Counsel and advice

Make an appointment for an interview and have your unemployment and personnel documents reviewed. Receive advice and counsel about your unemployment claim, including how to represent yourself in the administrative hearing, if you do not desire further representation.


Legal Representation in the Administrative Hearing

It is highly recommended that you have an attorney in the hearing before the administrative hearing officer. This hearing is the only chance you will have to present evidence and testimony before the agency.

You will receive the benefit of legal representation in the hearing preparation process and formation of a legal strategy considering the facts of your case, relevant laws and regulations, and the results of interviews with potential witnesses. Attorney prepares you and your witnesses fully and represents your interests in the administrative hearing. This is particularly important if the employer is represented in the hearing. This service may be limited to cases within reasonable driving distance from Atlanta.

Representation in Appeals Before the Board of Review

If you receive an unfavorable decision from the administrative hearing officer, you may want to appeal to the Board of Review of the Georgia Department of Labor. The Board reviews the record that was established before the hearing officer and makes a decison to affirm or reverse the hearing officer's decision.

Legal representation at this stage includes review of the entire record, including a transcript of the hearing, and a written legal brief setting forth the reasons and arguments supporting reversal of the hearing officer's decision. Representation is also available for a Motion for Reconsideration of the BOR's decision. Such a motion is the last chance to bring legal issues before the agency that you may want to argue in superior court.

Judicial Review in Superior Court

If you receive an unfavorable final decision from the Department of Labor, your next avenue of appeal is to file a petition for judicial review in the superior court of the county in which you were employed. Your employer and the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor are named as Respondents. The superior court judge makes his or her decision based upon the entire record of your claim and appeals before the agency. The judge is bound by the "any evidence" standard of review, which means that the court must affirm the factual findings of the agency unless they are not supported by any evidence of probative value. The court may, however, reverse the decision of the agency if legal error is shown.

Attorney is available to file and properly serve the petition, review the record in its entirety, file a legal brief and make an oral argument if appropriate. Attorney is available to handle petitions for judicial review in any county in Georgia.


William L. Sanders, Attorney at Law
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